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New York State has passed a law in 2006 that raised the New York State snowmobile registration fee to $100 unless you belong to a club recognized by the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA). The fee remains at $45 for those who are members of NYSSA-recognized clubs.

The Towns of Webb and Inlet encourage you to join one of the local clubs here in the Central Adirondack area. The annual membership dues for most of the local clubs will be $30 for a family and will include husband, wife and any children living at the same address under the age of 18. These membership dues will entitle you to the voucher necessary to register your snowmobile with New York State for the lower registration fee of $45 per snowmobile. Local clubs in the area that are adjacent to our trail system include:

Beaver River Association of Skiers & Snowmobilers (BRASS)
Herkimer County (join BRASS),

Inlet Barnstormers Snowmobile Club
Hamilton County (join the Barnstormers online) (Barnstormers PDF membership application)

Trackside Blazers Snowmobile Club
Oneida County (join Trackside Blazers)

Brantingham Snowmobile Club
Lewis County (join the Brantingham Club).

You can join any New York State Snowmobile Association club online using a credit card.
Click here for the The New York State Snowmobile Association website

Why the Town of Webb is Not a Snowmobile Clubs

As a provider of some of the best snowmobile trails in the East, we are in a unique situation here in the Old Forge area. We have the only trails in New York State that are owned and maintained by a municipality, and our reputation as the best is because we hire groomers who work 24 hours a day to keep the trails smooth when the weather cooperates.

The Town of Webb had considered forming a club and charging a small dues amount of $5, which in turn would have been forwarded to the New York State Snowmobile Association as per that organization’s requirement of all recognized clubs. This small dues amount would have helped to offset the cost of the increased New York State snowmobile registration fees, essentially saying that the extra $5 would save $55 per snowmobile.

However, NYSSA then changed the minimum dues for all clubs to $25 per member, which is the amount that the clubs adjacent to our trail system charge for their annual dues. So the Town of Webb could not make it any cheaper for a snowmobiler to obtain the NYS registration by forming a club, and decided instead to support the local clubs that you see listed above, whose trails are adjacent to our trail system.

Also, our trail system does not qualify for any of the reimbursement from the New York State Snowmobile Trail Fund.

We hope the above information helps you to understand why we must charge for our trail system to offset the hundreds of thousands of dollars the Town of Webb spend each year to groom and maintain our trails.

The New York State Snowmobile Association website

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