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Tuesday  April 2, 2019

The Town of Webb & Inlet Snowmobile Trail System is officially closed. Gates on trails which cross leased lands also are closed.


We thank all trail permit buyers for your participation and support. That funding is dedicated to the grooming operations of the Trail Maintenance Department. Those efforts produce the best early and late season trail conditions, and the most dependable riding conditions in the state.


Remember: Only 247 days until SNODEO opens on December 6th.

Caution: Riding lake ice is not safe                            

It is important to note that we never recommend riding on lakes or ponds, as our snowmobile trails do not cross lakes, and lakes are not part of our trail system. Ride Safe!


Definitions for our trail report:

GREAT: Smooth Trails (you should be here)

GOOD: Bumps in the groove (inside of the turn) only

FAIR: Bumps across the whole turn and some straight-aways also; Grooming may be limited by temperatures and snow conditions.

MARGINAL: Minimum coverage; May be bare spots; Unable to groom due to warm temperatures and/or snow conditions.


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